CoolDUCT Installation

CoolDUCT program can only be installed and run on a computer administrator account ***

Installing CoolDUCT program is simple. Select only one version of AutoCAD to start the installation. The program can be run on several versions of AutoCAD. However, the block created by higher version of AutoCAD may not be inserted onto the drawing that is using lower version of  AutoCAD. If you need to run CoolDUCT on different version of AutoCAD late, just follow the procedure shown on "Step 2" below and select the original location of  "CDUCT-share" folder.

Step 1 - Copy two folders

Use decompression program to unzip the file named "CoolDUCT-(SI)" into your local hard drive. A new folder named "CoolDUCT-(SI)-v6.0" will automatically be created on your hard drive. There will be two folders, "CoolDUCT" and "CDUCT-share"  inside the "CoolDUCT-(SI)-v6.0" folder.

The "CoolDUCT" folder will contain all program files to be used by this computer. Move out this folder from the "CoolDUCT-(SI)-v6.0" folder and save it on local hard drive such as "C:\CoolDUCT".  

The "CDUCT-share" folder  will contain all configuration files and standard blocks. It can be shared with other computers which also run CoolDUCT program . For network users,  the "CDUCT-share" folder can be saved on network server to maintain the same drawing standard for all network users. Move out this folder  from the "CoolDUCT-(SI)-v6.0" folder and save it on the Roof Directory of local hard drive or network server such as "C:\CDUCT-share" or "P:\CDUCT-share". You need to specify the location of the "CDUCT-share" folder during the installation late.


The "CDUCT-share" folder full pathname shall not contain space like "C:\Program Files\CDUCT-share" or "P:\Hvac CAD\Job Files\CDUCT-share" as AutoCAD will not be able to find the drawing files inside the "CDUCT-share" folder. The pathname like "P:\Hvac-CAD\Job-Files\CDUCT-share" will be OK. The best location of "CDUCT-share" folder  is on the Roof  Directory. You can change the "CDUCT-share" folder location after the installation at any time.

Step 2 - Add "CoolDUCT" folder location to AutoCAD's Support File Search Path...

  1. In AutoCAD, click on "Tools", then "Options"
  2. Click on the "Files" tab if you are not already there.
  3. Click on the plus symbol next to "Support File Search Path".
  4. Click on the "Add" button, then click on the "Browse" button.
  5. Browse to the "CoolDUCT" folder where you saved all program files (** NOT the "CoolDUCT-(SI)-v6.0" folder ** ). select it, and click on "OK"
  6. Click on "Apply", then "OK" and exit AutoCAD program (* important).
  7. Start AutoCAD again and it will run the Coolduct installation program.

If you had installed an early version of CoolDUCT program,  change "CoolDUCT" folder new location to AutoCAD's Support File Search Path... Please back up the original "CoolDUCT" and "CDUCT-share" folders. Some of customized files may be reused for  your own configuration.

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